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02/04/ - 18/04/ 2021

In cooperation with Czech Centre Berlin, the VBK gallery proudly presents the exhibition Time Shift II |POSUN V CASE II.

Starts Friday, 2nd of April 2021. Ends Sunday, 18th of April 2021.

The usual opening event has been cancelled. You can, however, get an impression on our YouTube channel:
YouTube VBK channel

Time shift II - Posun v Case II is a sequel to the precursory exhibition between Berlin and Prague and a continuation of fruitful collaboration that already took place in both cities in 2018/19. This year, emphasis is laid on works of art that have largely been formed and created by so-called new media.

Cooperation between the German and Czech artists has been an exchange in positions and ideas from each artistic scene, enhancing a mutual knowledge of each other’s culture and artistic methods.

This month 16 artists present their work together in the VBK gallery, eight of which are from the NSPU Prague, eight from the VBK. Due to Covid we have decided to project the artists’ work in photographic form. This bilateral project seeks to further strengthen the ties between both countries and establish an on-going relationship.

Due to Covid and the nature of this bilateral project between Berlin and Prague, we have put additional emphasis on the virtual side of presentation. The artists from Prague have kindly submitted their works in photographic form, so that a presentation of all works can be displayed simultaneously. Different forms and methods have been added since the launch of this project in 2018, so that a continuous virtual display is possible. This coming May the baton is handed over to the Czech artists and will be communicated here accordingly with various digital material available on request.

Current presentation of the exhibition:

Introductory speech by Simone Kornfeld:

Contributing artists are: Silke Bartsch, Sandra Becker, Catherine Bourdon, Judith Brunner, Karel Dvorak, Jeanne Fredac, Simone Kornfeld, Milan Krenek, Ina Lindemann, Alena Petrickova, Zdenka Reinerova, Zdenek Ripa, Ruza Spak, Petr Tosovsky, Marian Zajicek, Vaclava Zouplnova
Conceptual management: Simone Kornfeld

In accord with the current rules in place in regards to the pandemic, we must ask you to make an appointment two days prior to visiting the exhibition. For this purpose, please use the following email:

Also, please note that a medical note asserting a negative Corona result is required to gain access to the gallery. Inside you will need to wear a mask and keep your distance.

Please also use our online booking system. You can pick a slot and ease registration considerably!

Despite the inconvenience, we wish you a pleasant visit!

Press release in three languages (DE, CZE, EN) with selected previews of the exhibits.